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Every detail in a wedding is very important and it needs to be captured in the best angles and moment to create beautiful and lasting memories. It's about you, your family and your friends celebrating together. Angel Photos makes sure that you don’t miss out on any memorable moment. We are there to capture the moments of your day with images that allure your memories and evoke emotions every time you see  your images. Clear, Crisp Photography where YOU are the stand-out feature in our work. Angel Photography knows how to make your day relaxed, uncontrived and shoot the images you want on your day.

Who am i?


I am K. Samuel Ezhil Anand. People call me Ezhil. I live and work in the place of Royapuram where the British laid down their first railway station and it remains the oldest railway station in the subcontinent. My workplace is in the streets of the biggest clothing bazaar, M.C. Road. In my teenage, I joined civil engineering but my interest and passion were towards PHOTOGRAPHY. Hence I dropped engineering and completed a course in NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR VOCATIONAL TRAINING in PHOTOGRAPHY in 1989. I started ANGEL PHOTOS in 1990 with an SLR film camera. At that time, I was able to capture human feelings and expressions in a different way which is popular today as candid photography. For my different way of thinking and actions, I was appreciated and welcomed by the people around me. Hence I got opportunities to work with celebrities and on TV channels. I used my opportunities and worked hard with my full potential and searched for more. In 2006 the world was introduced by digital camera. This was a drastic technological change in my life which I could not adapt to. But soon I learned the new technology and got used to it. People say that my experience, technological knowledge, and my way of approach towards customers could satisfy their expectations in a great way in today's world.



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